Welcome to Pixrani Photography, where Natasha is constantly trying to find ways to channel her passion into vision.  It wasn’t until her father put her first camera in her hands that she found her way.  It was the thrill of capturing moments, people and dreams of her family and friends that stuck. Now Natasha has made her dream a reality by helping people everywhere hold on to special moments forever.  As an artist she gets excited about candid moments and surprise reactions, but is pleased when she’s able to capture milestone occasions for her clients.

/piks/    noun, plural
1. memories in photograph form
/ˈrɑːnɪ/    noun
1.(in Asian countries) a queen

More on Natasha, piXrani:


  • Avid traveler, loves mixing in with local people
  • Passion for international development
  • Falls in love wherever she settles, and right now that’s Costa Rica!